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December 15 2015


SAP Training & Courses - So what can it Do On your Career?

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So you are increasing weary of being employed by others, reporting to bosses with lower IQ than yours and wish to dictate your career. You consider becoming a consultant nevertheless the stakes come across as too high. Are you capable of come up with a steady flow of training by yourself?

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Or probably you had been a man in procurements department and also do not have much 'skill' as required by way of a consultant. So despite you long for more you never have much value you could add as a possible independent consultant.

Perhaps you are the techie that's sick and tired with providing run-of-the-mill software and websites. You wish to view your work adding value to some company's mission critical operations.

If you are seriously thinking of giving your work a brand new definition, then think closely about practicing SAP. Ok now what the heck is SAP? Well never mind you will find heard of it yet. SAP stands for (translated in English) Systems, Applications, Products in Human resources. Its an ERP (Enterprise resource planning) software, the truth is market leader and also the most comprehensive in their breed. An ERP system is likely to integrate all business processes and applications being run within an organization. SAP could be the third largest software company worldwide (which originated in Germany). Over12000 publication rack using SAP. It's got around 80,000 installations and also over 12,000,000 people are using it.

sap apo course

Now the question comes, what value does SAP put in more profile? If we discuss SAP training it may be seen from various angles. As we discussed at the start you want to become an independent consultant and turn into the master of your own career and direction. It's also possible to master the technical areas and platforms of SAP and be a far more satisfied technical solution provider. Even though you decide to stop at your current job you'll be able to undertake SAP courses and become a task manager for your company who wants to implement SAP. Or perhaps you may want to become part of a consulting firm that facilitates other companies in SAP implementations. SAP consultants are never lacking work, get to travel a great deal and charge from 1000$ each day (or more).

Lets have a look at depth and breadth of SAP to be able to analyze what your location is along with what should be your plan. SAP courses may be visualized from three basic aspects viz.

Core Business Processes
SAP Vertical Components
SAP Technical Courses

By working out for SAP Business Processes you will find SAP modules like,

FICO (Financial Accounting and Controlling)
PCA (Profit Center Accounting)
SD (Sales and Distribution)
SD COM (Customer Order Management)
HR (Hours)
MM (Material Management)
PM (Plant Maintenance)

SAP Verticals include

SAP APO (Advanced Planning Optimizer)
SAP BW (Business Intelligence)
SAP CRM (Customer Relation Management)
SAP SRM (Supplier Relation Management)

Lastly SAP Technical courses will educate you on technical platforms like

SAP Netweaver Xi
SAP Enterprise Portals
SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming)
SAP BASIS (Business Software Integrated Solution)

You can even include flavors of SAP as outlined by various industry verticals including financial sector, manufacturing and services, to name the broader categories.

Since we now have enough jargon and terminology about SAP at our hands lets try to figure out what is the best for you. There cannot be a silver bullet formula for everyone to choose and choose her or his modules. Your kick off point pretty much is dependent upon your individual individual needs and goals.

Even though you have already been someone in procurements you can contribute value to your experience by learning SAP modules of Material Management (MM). There is an knowledge and skill of the particular business area. With SAP training you will learn some of the best practices of cloth Management together with software side of the area. Don't get worried you may not be required to be a programmer, you simply need to have a very general concept of IT solutions and applications.

In addition to selecting modules you may even must spend time on selecting an appropriate training institute. SAP itself provides facility with the as well as you will find there's many training/consulting companies which impart trainings for SAP. You'll want to try to find methodology, depth of education and focus on your specific aspects of interest. Besides above, cost can even be an important deciding factor.

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